About Shin Hollow Radio

This blog provides information about the program “Shin Hollow Radio,” which is broadcast on the first and third Sundays of the month* on WVBR-FM, Ithaca 93.5. The radio station is owned by the Cornell Radio Guild and the program is hosted by the arts editor of the Ithaca Times Bill Chaisson and the managing editor of the Finger Lakes Community Newspapers Glynis Hart.

“Shin Hollow Radio” guests are people from the small towns around Ithaca that stop in to tell us about their work, their projects, their causes, and their hobbies. We don’t look at the city of Ithaca too often, but are quite happy to talk with county officials or anyone with a regional focus, particularly when it affects the smaller, rural communities of Tompkins, Cayuga, Seneca, Schuyler and Tioga counties.

The show’s names is derived from an old vernacular name for what is now the lower village of Trumansburg. Reportedly, when the area was first settled (in the latest 18th century) the trees in the bottomland near the creek were cut down, but the stumps were not removed. When customers left McLallen’s tavern (now the site of the empty Save-A-Lot supermarket) they barked their shins on the stumps as they made their way home after dark.

To contact us about being on the show, call 607-277-7000 or email arts@ithacatimes.com

*The schedule was the second and fourth Sunday from September to December 2012 (Cornell’s fall semester).


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