End of Shin Hollow Broadcasts

As you can see this blog has languished since April 2014. The radio program continued to broadcast twice monthly until January 2015 when we pulled the plug on it. In November 2015 we moved essentially the same idea to another medium: television. Yes, I know that the rest of the world moved from radio to television 60 years ago.

The new television programĀ Around the Lake is recorded at Pegasys studios, which are owned by Time Warner Cable. It is “broadcast” (cable only) on Channel 13 at 6:30 p.m. between Friday and Monday. It began as a roundtable discussion of a selection of topics from the current Ithaca Times, but we have now started to invite guests and it will evolve into something quite like Shin Hollow, except that people will likely feel obligated to dress up a little.

The preliminary plan for this blog is to use it to just write about Ithaca and “greater Ithaca” in an editorial manner. We’ll see.