December 01 :: Shin Hollow Radio :: WVBR-FM 93.5 :: 6 p.m.

Grady in recent protest

Grady in recent protest

Ellen Grady has been arrested many times for acts of peaceful political protest, but she has never been exonerated before. Grady is part of a group called Upstate Drone Action, which is protesting the conduct of drone war by picketing the gates of Hancock Air Force Base next to the Syracuse airport. The town justice in Dewitt, N.Y. recently found Grady and several other activists innocent of charges.

Artists Lola Schissel and Alice Muhlback have opened a holiday season storefront at the Franklin Market on Franklin Street (near Red Feet). They are selling their own work, which includes pottery and paper art and that of several other local artists. The store is called Spirt & Balance and it will be open until a few days after Christmas. See the Facebook page for more info.

Film and theatre critic Bryan Van Campen will make his monthly visit to perhaps talk about movies for the Christmas season.


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