September 15 :: Shin Hollow Radio :: WVBR-FM 93.5 :: 6 p.m.

Helen T. Clark

Helen T. Clark

Our guests this week include the cast of their Readers Theatre of Ithaca production Collected Stories  by Donald Margulies, Barbara Adams, Nikki Schwarz and Helen T. Clark. Adams is an English professor at Ithaca College and one of the Ithaca Times’s theatre critics. Clark was recently scene in the Homecoming Players production of Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

Bryan VanCampen has been bit by the stand-up comedy bug and has taken to taking the stage at the Pixel Lounge on their open mic nights. He will bring along fellow stand-up comic Ruben Arce to talk about growing comedy scene in Ithaca.

Laurie Murray, a nurse and Trumansburg resident, has organized the “Freedom Festival” for the last weekend in September at the Trumansburg Fairgrounds. The two-day events will feature films, speakers and other information that address issues like Second Amendment rights and controversies in medical research.

We will not broadcast on Sept. 29, the fifth Sunday of the month, but will return on Oct. 6.