May 19 :: Shin Hollow Radio :: WVBR-FM 93.5 :: 6 p.m.

Two of the candidates for Tompkins county judge, attorneys Seth Peacock and Joe Cassidy are our guests this week. It appears this will be four-way race decided by the Democratic primary on September 21.

We will also get our monthly visit from Ithaca Times film critic Bryan VanCampen.


May 5 :: Shin Hollow Radio :: WVBR-FM 93.5 :: 6 p.m.

Carol Kammen (Jason Koski Cornell University Photography)

Carol Kammen
(Photo: Jason Koski)

County historian Carol Kammen and Elisse Cogan will be with us to talk about the “One Day in Ithaca” project that is set to happen May 17, the 125th anniversary of the incorporation of the city. They will tell us more about the original event, which took place in 1988 on the centennial and the “China connection.”

Father Tom Parthenakis, an Orthodox priest from St. Catherine’s, will be with us to talk about the upcoming Greek festival at the church. He may also tell us a bit about his own unorthodox path to the priesthood; he was ordained at age 70.

Kelly Damm, an attorney from Dryden, is running for county judge. She is one of several candidates vying for the position. Why do attorneys want to be judges? There are strict rules about what even candidates for judge can speak about, so we’ll learn something about that too.