February 6, 2011 :: 6 p.m. :: WVBR 93.5 :: Shin Hollow Radio

The February 6 broadcast of Shin Hollow Radio was cancelled because WVBR had to shut down its transmitter.


January 16, 2011 :: 6 p.m. :: WVBR 93.5 :: Shin Hollow Radio

  • Dustin James, recreation director for the Town of Newfield. What is the role of recreation programming in a rural town? What specifically is going on in Newfield?
  • Maureen Cowen and Ruth Hopkins, Lansing Recreational Pathways. LRP lobbys the town and developers to incorporate walking paths into subdivision development so that residents may get exercise and go places (e.g. shopping) on foot.

January 2, 2011 :: 6 p.m. :: WVBR 93.5 :: Shin Hollow Radio


  • Buzz Levine of DRAC (Dryden Resource Awareness Coalition) talks about a petition in his town to ban hydraulic fracturing for natural gas. About 50 percent of the town is leased for natural gas exploration. DRAC is concerned that quality of life will be severely affected by heavy industrial activity in the town and that water quality will be compromised.
  • Patricia Heckart of “Good to Go” Market, a new quality foods deli and grocery in Trumansburg. Heckart explains their locavore emphasis. Many of their vendors are local farmers. She is in business with her daughter Nana Monaco.

Next show: Sunday, Jan. 16.

Expected guests: Dustin James, new recreation director for the Town of Newfield